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Le Petiole Castieres De Nimes Rouge 2010

Producer: Le Petiole
Name: Castieres De Nimes Rouge
Vintage: 2010
Category: Red Wines
Country: France
Region: Rhone Valley
Rating: 6/10

Wine Review:

This Rhone Valley red small was flat, but nice deep red colour, I think this was all due to me drinking this too early. The taste was
much better than the introduction, it has a easy sweet berry taste, for me was too much on the sweetness, it just didn't really hit it off with the tannin.

Overall it's a drinkable red wine, the balance was not as good as expected, it is still a gentle wine, should be better as a table wine served with red meat. I feel it was a bit over-rated, but for the price it's still value for money.

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  1. Agree, nothing special and often on offer for £5 at Morrisons, but better than anything for a £5 at Tesco. Yet to find a drinkable Wine at Tesco for a £5.

  2. I guess that the Rhone 2010 is not as good as the Bordeaux 2010.


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